Locally in Charlotte, Sarah leads Yoga Lab every Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-3pm.  We explore yoga text, meditation, pranayama, and basic through advanced asana.  To attend, email Sarah.  Check out the select, slimmed down travel schedule. Upcoming Events:

FEBRUARY YOGA CHALLENGE: Special Classes just for February:

Mondays 1:30-2:30pm

Thursdays 6-7pm

Yoga Videos for daily February Practice

GANAPATI MYTH/ASANA/PHILOSOPHY with Zhenja LaRosa and Sarah: March 17-19, 2017

Tantric Immersion with Gina Minyard in Atlanta, Georgia: March 31-February 2

RASIKA TEACHER TRAINING: September 2017 – March 2018 Get ready! http://www.rasikayoga.com/program-details