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Morning Yoga Practice

January 15, 2017


2013, and the Year of Renewal, Sororal Collaboration, and Dream-building

November 29, 2012

The yoga world needs to clear out the old patriarchal paradigm of men in a dominant position above women. Ironically, some modern day teachers (such as the embattled John Friend) rose to their fame and acclaim through the effective hijacking of a goddess tradition. Sometimes, goddess traditions align with a corresponding post-feminist movement. Working under […]


Looking for More than Good

May 3, 2012

“Looking for the good” is a key teaching of Anusara Yoga.  For the past few years, I have taught “looking for the good” to represent a look at the whole, thus providing a perspective for us to see where energy is flowing.  There is a wonderful Sanskrit word that evokes goddess, life, abundance, and good […]


Yoga Coalition

March 1, 2012

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Students, Well. 2012 sure has delivered on its promise of enormous change! In the last month, an overwhelming cascade of events has impacted the Anusara yoga community. All of us are still processing these events in our own ways, and it’s probably not a stretch to say that we are surprised […]


For a Kula without borders. . . my truth.

February 26, 2012

Dear Anusara Yoga Kula, As many of you now know, I am no longer a licensed Anusara teacher. You may not be aware that I am still deeply invested in our community. I have spent many sleepless nights over the past several weeks working, as have many others. Several of these nights were spent in […]


Leaving Anusara

February 12, 2012

Dear Friends, After a grueling week of efforts to hold our Anusara school together, I have come to a decision.  I can no longer support a teacher whose actions have caused irreparable damage to our beloved community.  It is out of the love I have for our community that I have worked tirelessly to keep […]


Divine Love and Yoga Practices

November 7, 2011

Divine Love and Yoga Practices “The world needs you.  The world needs your love.” -Bill Mahony I was fortunate to teach alongside Bill Mahony this afternoon in my hometown, Charlotte, NC.  Following is a synopsis of our afternoon together for those of you who were with us in person, for those of you who have […]



November 5, 2011

Truth  In my advanced practice that I lead twice weekly, we have taken on the study of the Yogasutra of Patanjali.  Each class, we discuss a sutra, pondering it, turning it over, contemplating it, dismantling it, and putting it back together in different ways.  We look at it also through a Tantric lens.  As the […]


Reflections on Dharma of Relationships

October 21, 2011

Blog on Dharma of Relationships October 19, 2011. I just returned from a three day teachers intensive with my teacher John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga.  He offered a wealth of knowledge and practical teachings on how to live the Anusara Yoga path more fully in all of our relationships.  I reflect here on just […]


Blog on Love and Terrorism 5/2/11

May 10, 2011

Who really knows what the best choices are? We may only make the best ones we can for any given moment.